4 key steps to plan a professional MBA career

Those who aspire to grow professionally should take into account certain variables that will enhance their employability. These are factors that in one way or another address labor interests, abilities and skills. In other words, know where you are standing, where you want to go and the steps you have to take to do it.

It should be noted that those who plan a career are different and in a way end up taking advantage of Generation Y, since the youngest are characterized precisely by not projected work. Therefore, they last little in their jobs and seduced by the opportunity to travel, study abroad or work alternatives that guarantee flexibility, more free time and other incentives of emotional rather than monetary, in short they do not plan their careers.

The experience of those who dedicate themselves to looking for talent shows that those who do care about the projection, have to consider certain basic steps, among which the following stand out:

1- Be permanently trained: Acquire the knowledge and trends related to the work that are appearing each day, to better adapt to the environment and the changes that take place.

2- Develop soft skills: It is related to knowing how to communicate, listen, lead and work as a team, all aspects that add value to performance within companies and influence the results.

3- Postgraduate courses: An MBA or a master’s degree in a specialty provides a greater knowledge of specific topics and at the same time allows to mark differences with those who do not have such preparation, along with showing interest in learning and improving.

4- Learning languages: The mastery of other languages ‚Äč‚Äčapart from the native language is a key differentiator in labor markets such as Chile, where knowledge of a second language is scarce. For this reason, speaking English has become a key to open the doors to a successful career, has become a basic requirement for those seeking to occupy an executive or high-level position in an organization, and means ensuring better levels of income .

Source: laborum.cl

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