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Online MBA in Finance: An Overview

The field of finance has been a focal point of the global business community since the crippling economic recession that began in 2008. Finance is also one of the most popular fields of MBA specialization among today’s business…

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International Business MBA Online Coursework

The international MBA curriculum typically includes both core MBA and international business specialization courses. For core coursework, students explore topics like general management, finance, marketing and sales, human resources and supply chain management. International business courses often focus…

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4 key steps to plan a professional MBA career

Those who aspire to grow professionally should take into account certain variables that will enhance their employability. These are factors that in one way or another address labor interests, abilities and skills. In other words, know where you…

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The Personal MBA: The Bestselling Business Training Book by Josh Kaufman

If you want to master the art of business, you don’t need to go to business school. You do need to learn the fundamentals of modern business practice: How to make good business decisions. How to maximize your…

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A world-class MBA

The Postgraduate School of the UPC and the Fox School of Business, Top 40 of the Best Business School Ranking 2018 (United States), join to dictate a double degree master’s degree at the highest international level, aimed at…

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